Shopping in Bhutan

Bhutanese handicrafts including textiles have often been praised for their ingenuity, beauty and intricate designs evoking wonder and imagination. Travellers looking to take home a souvenir from Bhutan can walk into the numerous handicrafts shops scattered across the country.

Many shops in Thimphu and Paro cater to tourists’ needs selling Bhutanese antiquities, traditional bowls, woodworks, textile items, traditional Bhutanese wallet, paintings etc.

Walk into one of the handicraft shops in Bhutan and be fascinated by the unique and refined Bhutanese handicraft designs.

Craft bazar located in Thimphu’s main street exhibit a wide range of traditional Bhutanese handicraft products. It is a one-stop shop for those looking to admire and explore Bhutan’s traditional artifacts and textiles, in its entirety.

It is an opportunity to shop in more than 80 stalls in one go, take photographs and buy beautiful, memorable souvenirs for loved ones home. Some of the products in craft bazar are brought from rural Bhutan in a bid to increase income and improve livelihood of the rural populace.

Items ranging from traditional bowls, woodworks, paintings, sculpture and hand woven bamboo products among others can be found in the bazar.

Besides the handicraft shops, the weekend vegetable market in Thimphu is another attractive tourists destination. Hundreds of Bhutanese shoppers throng the vegetable market on weekends and it provides just the right opportunity for tourists to mingle with the local people.

Paro, home to Bhutan’s only international airport is another shopping destination for tourists with several handicrafts shops located in its main town. Going back home, one could stop over in Paro to pick a souvenir for friends and relatives.

Paro is also home to Bhutan’s biggest national museum, located a few distance away from Paro Rinpung dzong (fortress). The museum continues to attract hundreds of tourists every day.