Places in Bhutan

Located in the Himalayas, Bhutan, often described, as the land of the thunder dragon is a natural paradise with lush green forest, emerald rivers, beautiful valleys and picturesque hills and mountains.

History comes alive wherever you travel in the kingdom in the form of ancient fortresses, temples and monasteries.

Road travel in Bhutan can be tiring with several turns and bends across hills, mountains and cliffs, but it would offer one a comprehensive experience of Bhutan as one passes through different districts.

Thimphu, Punakha and Paro districts are attractive tourists destinations located in western Bhutan. Thimphu with around 100,000 people is the capital city. While entering the city, tourists are greeted with the one of the biggest statue of lord Buddha situated in a hill overlooking the Thimphu valley.

Considered one of the most beautiful fortress in the country, the Punakha dzong, whose design, according to legend, was replicated from the palace of Guru Rinpoche in heaven.

The Taktshang monastery built on a spine-chilling edge of a vertical cliff in Paro continues to amaze tourists with its unique location and architectural design.

In central Bhutan, the Trongsa dzong, one of the biggest dzong in the country was the political seat of Bhutan in the early 20th century. Trongsa is also a land of ancient battlefields.

Lhuentshe in the east abounds in many ancient folklore and tales of kings. In ancient Lhuentshe, a prosperous king who ruled the region was attacked by Tibetan troops who were looking to loot his immense wealth.

To avoid being detected by the Tibetan troops, the king is said to have built a nine-storied underground fortress. The fortress can still be seen in Lhuentshe today.

Bomdelling in Trashi Yangtse in eastern Bhutan is a place of beautiful meadows and green pastures. The rare black necked cranes can be spotted in Bomdelling during winter.

places in Bhutan