Eating out in Bhutan
Eating Out in Bhutan

Bhutanese dish is hot; spicy chilli with cheese and tomato is the local delicacy. But those with a lesser endurance to chilli can treat themselves to a savory meal in many Bhutanese restaurants that cater to international travellers.

Several restaurants have come up in many parts of Thimphu today with increased tourists arrivals recording every year. Many restaurants serve Thai, Chinese, Indian, Korean and American cuisine.

Many Bhutanese love noodles and dumplings called Momo. Momos are served in vegetable, cheese and meat. New restaurants in Thimphu are adding to the menu bringing in different kinds of food on offer and varied choices for foodies.

Coffee lovers have several places to visit in Bhutan to taste their choice of flavor. For a quick snack, some restaurants in Bhutan offer burgers, sandwiches, patties and pastries.

For authentic Bhutanese dishes, several restaurants in Thimphu offer varied choices to tourists. Meat such as pork, beef, chicken and fish are the most consumed among Bhutanese.

Generous amount of chilli is added to every dish to bring about the spicy flavor that most Bhutanese enjoy. Rice is the staple crop of Bhutan and is eaten two to three times a day.

Besides offering a variety of local treats, restaurants in Thimphu also offer a unique ambience of ancient, traditional Bhutanese homes. Some Bhutanese restaurants are built over ancient ruins of traditional homes that are refurbished with the same ancient design and structure.

The traditional Bhutanese liquor is Ara, wine made out of rice, but others equally enjoy foreign liquor, beer and beverages. Some very fine whiskeys are also made in Bhutan. Bhutanese generally drink Suja, tea made with butter and salt.

As it gets colder in winter, partygoers enjoying the nightlife in Thimphu are kept warm by the street hawkers who serve steamy traditional Bhutanese rice porridges.

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