E-visa ‘first entry’ into India by land ICP

E-visa ‘first entry’ into India by land ICP of Jaigaon

Warm greetings!

We have been informed that third-country nationals with Indian e-visa have been arriving in large numbers at land ICP in Jaigaon from Bhutan for ‘first entry’ into India. In this regard, the Embassy of India has informed that the ‘first entry’ for e-visa holders is permitted only through any of the 28 designated airports or 5 sea ports of India and such ‘first entry’ on e-visa is not allowed through any land ICP. As such, the Embassy has requested to convey the following:

  1. Concerned agencies in Bhutan to not allow foreigners with ‘first entry’ e-visa to exit from Bhutan for entry into India through Jaigaon Land ICP;
  2. Foreign tourists may enter India through Land ICP from Bhutan on the basis of paper/physical visa issued by any Indian Embassy.
Therefore, TCB would like to request relevant stakeholders to note and render necessary cooperation.
Content Courtesy:  TCB

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